Sunday, 5 June 2011

i had a crush on him, well i think so. =)

dah 2 tahun kenal tapi x penah tegur, setakat senyum2 je..well, it quite different this time when i was waiting for him to come back from johor. always wondering when he will come back..finally, the day had come..i finally can meet him but not officially meet him..hurmm bila agaknye kita akan bercakap? the time will come.. i love to see his face, full of calmness and he seem to be so bright that captured my attention everytime he went out from his house.. every morning, i will waiting for him just because to see his face, once i did it gives me full sense of satisfaction, hehe..but he not at home, so i'm not that lucky.. i think i should greet him or try to be friendly, but in any time i try to do so, he seem trying to avoid me.. sometimes i do thing maybe he had someone else, if so what else i can do..well, honestly, i cant do much, i'm not that pretty to put his attention on me plus i FAT. well, that the most terrifying things..huhui hardly can get to see him.. it just, something big that happen to me, i think i had a crush on him but wll i not sure myself..there once in kenduri, i was looking for him but he wasnt there..i try myself hardly to track him back but none of my effort works well..suddenly, he appears from nowhere and immediately my eyes spot him..he sitting in the corner which is i can see him clearly. he looks so bright in white jubah..well, he look exactly like a gud man..and honestly that is the big reason why i fall for him..i really wish one day we can talk..hoping that u will recognize me..maybe one day in future this thing will happen, and i'm counting on it..

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