Saturday, 4 June 2011

this is who am i...when it come to LOVE

let me tell u a little bit about my dream man. =)
i am very annoying person when it come to love, i'm always clinging over him and now i know that habit turns to be annoying to him..well how sad..however i'll definitely will not change my habit coz that is my natural habit, accept it or leave it as u wish boy! i definitely need someone that can appreciate me and always have me on is mind no matter how it takes or at what time! definitely, i want to be the first person he will thought if something would happen regardless bad or good. besides that, i need someone who is romantic, have a good thought on how to treat a girl like me, a girl who spoiled time over time. like other girls, he must be able to protect me at any time, be with me when i need him and always capable to make me feel better and comfortable when i was around him. he must love to spend time with my family since my family is everything to me. he should be some guy who can make me laugh out loud when he make jokes and always wants me to be with him..loves me just like u love urself then i'll love u just like i love myself..the most important thing, love me as u meant it and love me with sincerity... =)

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